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Budget Shopping

Budget Shopping

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Hand Picked Mystery Box just for you and your needs Live.

No Pack is Pre-Made..
Elements Staff will choose your Budget Pack Live.
We offer a variety of size packs to fit your budget.
Our offerings range from New Age to Witchy to Bath & Body.
  1. Choose your Budget.
  2. Check out and Pay for your order.
  3. Intuitive Packs are chosen on a First come First serve basis in order of purchased and paid for.
  4. Please stick around for your Pack to be chosen as we will interact with you and you will have a voice to change an item.
  5. If you are not live for the Budget Pack choosing, it will still be chosen for you.
  6. You will be given the retail value of your pack.  *You will not owe us anything extra if it goes over what you have spent.
  7. You will be asked if you accept the offer.
  8. You will be given a chance to screenshot your pack. So please be ready.
  9. Budget Packs are sent to shipping immediately unless you specifically ask us to hold.  *See live sale Buckie rules
  10. Want to add to your order simply use Pick Up in Store to remove shipping charges and add to your current order.
  11. If you have ordered but we have reached our LIVE time limit for the evening we will get on the next day to choose your items live.

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