Collection: Teas

Brewing Instructions:

  • Water Temperature: 180°F (not boiling)
  • Steeping Time: 2-6 minutes
  • Tea Amount: 2-4 grams per 8 ounces of water

For the optimal infusion of loose-leaf teas, we recommend using strainers that allow the tea leaves to gracefully unfurl, unlocking their full flavor profile. Teapots equipped with removable strainers enhance the brewing experience, ensuring a richer and more robust tea.

Alternatively, some tea enthusiasts prefer a more immersive approach, bypassing strainers altogether. Simply drop the leaves directly into the pot and strain the tea when serving into cups. Take care to pour out all the tea to prevent any lingering bitterness from over steeping.

Notes on Tea Strength: Tea strength is a subjective experience, and we strive to provide guidelines that minimize the risk of bitterness or scorching. If you crave a stronger cup, we recommend using a greater quantity of tea rather than extending the steeping time. This method allows for a bolder flavor without compromising the tea's quality. Explore and savor the personal journey of tea enjoyment.

Loose Leaf teas need a reusable tea ball, tea bags or strained before consuming.