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Neatos Elements

Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Chips - Medium - A Grade

Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Chips - Medium - A Grade

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Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Chips - Medium/Small - A Grade

Chakras: Crown, Heart, Solar Plexus, Third Eye, Throat, Sacral, Root
Zodiac: Scorpio, Libra, Cancer
Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Typical Colors: White, Specks of Black, Flash
Vibration: 4
Higher Power, Psychic Abilities, New Beginnings, Self-Discipline, Meditation, Mastering Fear, Manifestation, Knowledge, Spiritual Awakening
Rainbow Moonstone’s energies activate and align all our chakras to allow energy to flow freely. It's a very soothing stone with outputting vibrations full of calming and relaxing energy. This powerful crystal connects with one’s emotional body and current mental state. Rainbow Moonstone is a powerful ally in helping maintain mental clarity throughout the day and assists in shielding your aura from negative vibrations attempting to attach onto you. By helping keep your mind clear, you’ll notice the passive ability of Moonstones in general to raise one’s awareness, intuitive and intellectual levels. These attributes can then be used to help in any endeavor or desire you may have. This stone encourages one to take on new opportunities and be open to any new beginnings that may come their way.
Rainbow Moonstone is a very effective transformational stone, and simply working with it for a short amount of time can produce opportunities in your life that can change you forever! Imagine yourself running on the cycle of the Moon. Each month the new moon starts off this endless cycle of growing until its full, then radiating its bright light before slowly resetting itself and becoming another new moon. Imagine yourself embarking on a new opportunity with different intentions each month. You continue to grow, learn, and shine until you accomplish that desire, filling you with endless rays of joy and happiness.
(Sizes are Approximate. Crystals vary in size. No 2 are alike.)

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