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Small Raw Desert Rose - 1 oz

Small Raw Desert Rose - 1 oz

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Small Raw Desert Rose

Weight: 1 ounce
Chakra: Solar Plexus
Planet: Earth
Element: Earth, Water, Air
Typical Colors: Brown, White

Enlightenment, Intuition, Joy, Insight, Inspiration, Growth, Expansion, Expanded Awareness, Enhancing, Intention Enhancement, Energy Transfer

Desert Rose Selenite, also known as Gypsum Rose or Sand Rose, is a type of Selenite formed from a combination of water, wind, and sand. Sand becomes embedded in Selenite blades, while additions of water overtime help form the signature “rosette” formation. While this stone may sound like it's perfect for all chakras, its most beloved by the sacral chakra, it truly helps one find a path through the manifestation of achieving your dreams and turning them into a reality. 

A traditional Native American tale stated that Desert Rose Selenites were carved by warriors who returned home from the spirit world. The roses were said to have been spread across the Earth to protect these spirits’ homeland.

(Sizes are Approximate. Crystals vary in size. No 2 are alike.)


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