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Garden Quartz Crystal Chips - Small - A Grade

Garden Quartz Crystal Chips - Small - A Grade

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Zodiac: Scorpio, Aquarius & Sagittarius
Element: Earth
Vibration: 3
Typical Colors: Cream, Green, Grey, Orange, and Red

Spiritual Awareness, Spiritual Growth, Intuition & Deeper Understanding, Soothing, Cleansing, Remover of Blockages, Relationships

Garden Quartz also goes by the name Lodolite. It is in fact one of the most fascinating types of quartz, or rock crystals. In essence, a whole other world is formed inside a bigger quartz crystal. You can see clear delineation of another completed crystal or notice several crystals inside one another, resembling either an underwater world or a fairy tale forest.

Garden Quartz is an extremely popular gemstone, which contains natural elements from the earth that emits incredible energy. Embodies the hope and dreams to whoever possesses it. A gemstone by its name symbolizes a garden. It is well believed that its mystique and power comes for the plants and forest from ancient times. Believed to release the owners’ emotions through nature. A gemstone that awakens your internal feelings and insinuates you to make things happen.

it resonates with harmonious relationships between us people, like the garden where plants live together in balance. A perfect gemstone to enhance your love energy with passion. Great for improving luck at home and love. Garden Quartz has the meaning of communication improvement. This means it progresses your relationships with people you do like.

(Sizes are Approximate. Crystals vary in size. No 2 are alike.)

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