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Neatos Elements

Energy in Motion - Manual Pre-Order

Energy in Motion - Manual Pre-Order

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This is a Pre-order. The live class is free but if you want a printed copy of the Manual it is $25.

This is a printed-out, 60-page manual written by Nita Hamilton, for the in-store class of Energy in Motion

A Comprehensive Breakdown of Your Body's Natural Energy Dynamics and Healing at Neatos Elements - 140 North Dye Virden Illinois

Your manual will be available before the class starts.  

The next class date is July 16, 2024 in-store at 5pm and   July 24, 2024 on TikTok at 6pm  

Welcome to Energy in Motion: A Comprehensive Breakdown of Your Body's Natural Energy Dynamics and Healing.

In this course, we will delve deeply into the principles of energy dynamics, providing you with practical techniques and exercises to connect with your energetic body and harness these powerful tools for healing and personal transformation. Prepare to embark on a journey of discovery, where you will learn to master the art of Energy in Motion.

Understanding how energy works and flows through our bodies and interconnects to other things or people is crucial for maintaining well-being and fostering healing. This comprehensive breakdown will clarify how our natural energy body functions, the impact of external energies, and effective methods for cleansing and commanding our energy to maintain control and promote healing. Additionally, we will explore the use of meditation, crystals, herbs, and energy work to support this process.

Table of Contents:
Energy Processor Breakdown
Understanding the Energetic Process
Energy Transference: How Moods and Vibes Can Change Due to Others
The 40-20-40 of Healing
Understanding the Aura
Auratic System
The Chakras
Crystals and Crystal Healing
Programming, Cleansing, and Charging Your Crystals
Listening to Our Body: Understanding Its Subconscious Signals
Managing Your Energy and Protecting it
Commanding Your Energy: Mastering Your 100-Foot Aura
Understanding Your 100-Foot Aura

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