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The Bath Brewer

The Bath Brewer

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Love taking herbal baths but hate the cleanup?

Want to soak in one of our brews but don’t have a reusable muslin bag?

Have a muslin bag but are too lazy/don’t have the spoons to keep cleaning the bag?


Soaking in one of our bath brews is definitely luxurious but cleaning your tub afterwards…is not. Make things a little simpler and a LOT more eco friendly with one of our 3 inch Stainless Steel reusable Brewers! Just fill with your choice of brew, twist and lock the lid in place, and place it in your bath water to brew that magic!

Don’t have a tub? No problem!

Are you an Herbalist? Hehe…you’re gonna love this

This Brewer doesn’t have to be for baths either. It’s food  grade Stainless Steel so you can keep it in the Kitchen instead! Make all your Witchery easy cleanup and use this for whipping up your Potions, Herbal Syrups, Oil infusions,  Herbal Decoctions…whatever your magickal little brain desires!

After you’re done making magic simply clean like written below and you’re good to go! 


Cleanup is super simple. Let the access liquid drain from the Brewer, take the top off and send those herbs to the compost, wash the Brewer and hand dry it so it stays like new…that’s it! 


Listing is for one 3 inch Reusable Stainless Steel Brewer with chain


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