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Chamomile Flower Whole Egyptian (Matricaria)

Chamomile Flower Whole Egyptian (Matricaria)

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Chamomile Flower Whole Egyptian (Matricaria)

Matricaria recutita

Although grown in Egypt, this is the same species of chamomile commonly referred to as German chamomile. The fresh plant is strongly and agreeably aromatic, with a distinct scent of apples. Chamomile is one of the oldest favorites amongst garden herbs. Mat-forming, aromatic herb with finely divided, green leaves and white, daisy-like flowers with a yellow center.

Cosmetic: Chamomile is a popular botanical in natural product for skin and hair, including soaps, lotions, creams, and shampoos. A rinse of strong tea adds highlights to blonde hair.

Culinary: Add the flowers to salad dressings, soups, stews and teas.

Aromatic: Infuse in oil to produce perfumes.

Chamomile is used to attract money, and a handwash of the infusion is sometimes used by gamblers to ensure winnings. It is used in sleep and meditation incenses, and the infusion is also added to the bath to attract love. It is also a purificatory and protective herb. When sprinkled around the property, it removes curses and spells cast against you.

Gender: Masculine 

Planet: Sun 

Element: Water 

Powers: Money, Sleep, Love, Purification

Each glass apothecary herbal jar contains approx. 1-2 oz. of All Natural Herbs. Heavier Herbs will be 1-3oz or until the jar is full. The jars are topped with a black screw-on lid, informative label & rustic pentacle accents. The pentacle represents the elements ( Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit ) encompassed in a ring of unity, serving as a symbol of protection & connection. There is enough herbs in one jar to last for many uses. Store in a cool dry place when not in use. Each square Herbal Jar measures approx. 4" high x 2.5" wide. There are several uses for dried botanical herbs, such as adding to or making magickal sachets or Witch bottles, creating tinctures or perfume oils, creating herbal capsules, tea mixtures, powder incense, bath and body scrubs, & so much more!


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