Collection: Aragonite

Chakra: Root
Archangel: Raphael, Sandalpho, Ananchel
Diety: Gaia, Brigid, Amaterasu
Planet: Earth
Element: Earth, Storm
Vibration: Number 9
  • Truth
  • Emotional Stability
  • Mental stability
  • Understanding
  • Perception
  • Boosts Self Confidence &/or Self Worth
  • Physical and Spiritual Connection to Gaia
  • Clearing Energetical Pathways
  • Angel Work
Aragonite can help your connection to your inner self and bring you back to your roots.  In doing so you're clearing your energetic pathways from deep within. One of the most clearing of crystals in the mineral kingdom.
Argon, Spain, is where Aragonite was first discovered.
Aragonite is a common mineral that is now found worldwide.  

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