We'd Love to hear from you!! We want true honestly, be brutal, don't hold back, we can't improve without you!

With the New logo and New product lines coming out we thought it best that you as our loyal members should receive first hand sneak peaks!! Hopefully you found all the new products and additions to your Celestial Box to your satisfaction to say the least. 

In the following sections you will be asked to provide your satisfaction levels of each new products and additions provided in May's box. Along with a comments section to make sure if you want to go in depth in your experience you can! Also for good measure that you received everything, we will be double checking that each item was received below.

Providing feedback for the sample packs provided, the new additions to the box, & the overall new look of Neato's Elements gives us an idea if we are going in the right direction. 

Neato's Elements can't be without you! Your opinion matters so we encourage as much feedback as you can provide and we appreciate your patience and loyalty through this transition into new beginnings

Please set aside at least 20-30 minutes to take survey. We don't mean to bore you with questions but we just wanna make sure we covered all our basis. 


Neato's Elements Celestial Box Sample Pack Feedback

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