Natures Asprin

Hello I'm Nita the Creator of Natures Asprin.  I have 15 years experience in body mechanics as a massage therapist and Reiki Master. In 2015 I hurt my back and was laid up 8 weeks with a torn L3 and L4. 6 months in to healing I realized that nothing truly helped and all the chemicals actually scared me. The pain put me in a back brace with no relief in site.  That's when I started to research herbal remedies.  Not finding anything that would work on its own, I started experimenting with herbs, and as someone with extreme allergies I knew I had to be careful.  That's when Natures Asprin was born in late 2016 early 2017.  My family and our friends used my blend for years before I introduced it to our product line in 2022.  Today its available in multiple applications for consumers. 

Nature’s Asprin is a delicate balance of herbs to help relax muscles and reduce inflammation while promoting blood flow.  This is an in-house family recipe that has been evolving over the years. We created it to help with our aches and discomforts at the end of a long day. Each ingredient has been carefully selected for its specific healing properties. Our Proprietary Blend is a powerhouse that we have infused into our master recipes to bring optimal application. 

  • Beeswax and Nut Oils are Present.
  • All of Nature's Asprin Products contain Arnica & White Willow Bark.
  • Roll on, Dropper & Spray Application also contains Cayenne and Black Pepper.
  • For External Use Only.
  • No Not Ingest.
  • Contains No CBD, THC, Opium or Menthol.
  • Discontinue use if allergy appears.
  • Please feel free to email us with any allergen concerns. 
  • Cross-contamination is possible and Neatos Elements is not liable for any reaction caused by cross-contamination.
  • This product is not to treat, cure or diagnose anything.  If prolonged pain continues seek medical attention.
  • All of Nature's Asprin products are made in small batches in-house to assure quality control.
  • This product, at times, is made-to-order and can take the full 20 days to ship as per our shipping guidelines. 

A Lavandula and Matricaria Chamomilla blend is made as the base to promote relaxing of the muscles while reducing stress and allowing tension to release.  Salix Alba and Arnica are to promote blood flow, reduce pain, and aide in controlling inflammation. Eucalyptus and Mentha x Pipperita are used for their anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce discomfort, tension, and stress our muscles feel. Salvia Officinalis leaf aides in skin wound healing, while reducing inflammation.  Urtica eases tension from the joints, tendons, and muscular systems. Symphytum reduces inflammation and relieves muscle tension all while assisting in keeping your skin healthy-looking, by allowing minor strains, sprains, and bruises to heal faster.

The following are Not in the Bath Brews, Bath Bombs, Soap, or the Pain-sticks:

Capsicum Annuum and Piper Nigrum as added to some of the Nature's Asprin line because of the amazing properties for your skins health, but also assists the muscle to relax by allowing some ease from discomforts brought on by nerve pain and conditions that cause inflammations.

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